New Eagle-required Merit Badge

In November 2021, the BSA introduced a new merit badge, Citizenship in Society. The new merit badge encourages scouts to explore the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and ethical leadership. The badge will be required for Eagle Scouts after July 2022. Look for more information about this badge at the link below.

The Phoenix Patrol For Spring 2018

Troop Families, This evening Pack 39 had their Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremony before their Blue and Gold. Troop 39 was honored to accept 7 scouts from the pack. In an effort to continue to improve the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts for the entire families we are relaunching the Phoenix Patrol. The … Read more

Photos from Gettysburg 2015

Scouts and adults from Troop 39 enjoyed a special prepreation meeting the Wednesday before going to Gettysburg for an educational event. The scouts were able to get an excused absence from school to take a relaxing bus ride. We enjoyed a weekend of camping on the historic battlefield. Saturday we visited the museum and were … Read more

Bread pudding

A classic dessert and an award winner at the past camporee Ingredients 1 ½ – 2 pounds of day old bread, cubed 1 quart of milk 2 cups sugar  3 – 6 eggs (I like 6 but might be too eggy for some) 2 -3 cups of chopped fresh fruit Chopped nuts 2 TB. Vanilla … Read more

#103 Adult Role Models

Troop 39 is a scout lead troop; the scouting adult leaders are there to provide guidance and support.   Most of the teaching is done by example, allowing young men the opportunity to learn from troop leaders, in addition to their parents and teachers.  The troop leaders are examples in an outdoor activity focused environment.

#99 Indoor Climbing

The scouts annually choose their schedule and camp-outs.  Troop 39 scouts traditionally choose to overnight in an indoor climbing area to climb all day and sleep over on Saturday.  This offers continuous scout led activity and rewarding physical challenges.