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Touch a Truck – April 12, 2015 

Touch a truck

Troop 39’s Mulching Service 

Troop 39’s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


Troop 39 Schedule 

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July 4
Summer Camp 2015
July 19
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 20
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 21
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 22
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 23
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 24
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 25
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 26
Adult Leader's Brownsea - "Bill's Place"
July 31
NYLT Weekend 1

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 



Bugler Position description

The Bugler makes appropriate bugle calls, as requested, at troop activities.


  • The Bugler makes appropriate bugle calls, as requested, at troop activities.
  • Is available to SPL/ASPL for morning and evening calls
  • Provide troop training on bugle call recognition at the request of the ASPL
  • Sets a good example.
  • Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts).
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit

Successful Completion of the Requirements

  • Maintains 75% attendance to troop meetings and scheduled events, including weekly meetings and troop outings
  • Provides clear recognizable bugle calls – as determined by the Scoutmaster
  • Bugle call training results in 90% correct recognition of bugle calls by the trained scouts in the troop
  • Annual Review by Scoutmaster for Scout spirit, Oath, and Law assessment.


  • Serving as Bugler can apply towards positions of responsibility requirements for Star and Life, but not Eagle.
  • The Bugler plays a trumpet instead of a bugle.
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