Welcome to Troop 39.

The Best Scouting Experience In Chapel Hill.

Troop 39′s Mulching Service 

Troop 39′s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


Troop 39 Schedule 

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July 17
British High Adventure - Sammy
July 31
Philmont High Adventure - Glyn
August 12
Philmont - Return to North Carolina
Flight UA4664 COS to IAH
Flight UA5989 IAH to RDU
August 22
Brownsea 2014
August 23
Brownsea 2014
August 24
Brownsea 2014
August 27
Troop night - Organised chaos

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 


Contact Us

Our primary electronic communication within the troop is through Google Groups.

We have the following closed groups set up

troop39nc-parents@googlegroups.com join
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troop39nc-alumni@googlegroups.com join

If you would like to contact one of the officers of our group then please use the appropriate link below

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