Scoutmasters of Troop 39


1912UNC YMCAC. Walten JohnsonunknownOrganized as Troop 1 in fall of ’11.

 Originally Troop 1.  Not a member of any council.

1913-1917UNC YMCAUnknownunknown Chartering paperwork for the troop for this period is missing.
1918UNC YMCAFrances Bradshaw15 
1919Bible Class, Met. ChurchEuclid McWhorter (Minister)15 
1920Methodist Church (UUMC)Euclid McWhorter (Minister)21 
1921-1924UNC YMCAHenry D. Farrell19 
1924Citizens GroupHenry D. Farrell22Troop 1 joins the Cherokee Council
1925-1930UNC YMCAVernon Keyser30 
1931UNC YMCAH. N. Brown III29 
1932-1933District CommitteeR. P. Umstead32 
1934District CommitteeP. H. Quinlen32 
1935Citizens GroupWheeler(??unreadable)26 
1936District CoucilO. K. Cornwell32

Troop 5 & “Cherokee” were crossed out on the Charter and replaced with Troop 39 in Occoneechee Council

1937UnknownUnknownunknown Chartering paperwork is missing for this year, the first year that the troop moved to Occoneechee Council.
1938Kiwanis ClubF. E. Strowd29
1939Kiwanis ClubWalter C. McCanless26 
1940-1942Kiwanis ClubJ. A. Westbrook24 
1943Group of CitizensMax C. Weaver54Meets at Chapel Hill Community Center
1944-1945Group of CitizensEdgar K. Alexander41Meets at UUMC in the old church
1946Group of CitizensJ. E. Wadsworth44Meets at UUMC, in the old church
1947-1948UUMCW. L. Hamnett24Meets at UUMC, in the old church
1949UUMCJames Wadsworth45Meets in basement of main church from now on
1950-1951UUMCSteve Storm48 
1952UUMCEdward Buckner47 
1953UUMCArthur Bennett46 
1954UUMCErle Peacock, Jr36 
1955UUMCWilliam Stewart37 
1956UUMCEd Johnson37 
1957UUMCJohn W. Fox37 
1958UUMCBerry Vause30 
1959-1961UUMCLamar Hicks52 
1962UUMCRobert V. Cox56 
1963UUMCJim Howard39 
1964-2007UUMCJim Mackorell36 
2008-2020UUMCSammy Rape 45 
2019-2020UUMCGlyn Tomkins (Girls)12
2020-PresentUUMCWes Weaver (Boys)65
2021- PresentUUMCLaura Philpot (Girls)19