Youth Leadership

Troop Structure

Here is the troop structure as of August 2010.   Click on the image to see it full screen.

youth leadership

For the troop committee structure, see the Troop Committee page.

Below are the troop leaders.  Click on the links to get a description of the job role.

Senior Troop Leadership

Position Mentor
Senior Patrol Leader Sammy
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Sammy

Junior Assistant Scoutmasters

Position Mentor
Junior Assistant Scoutmasters Sammy

Patrol Leadership

Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader (PL) and an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL).  In addition, each patrol is assigned an adult leader who acts as a mentor to the PL, APL and the patrol members.

Patrol Mentor
Antelopes Mr FitzSimons
Bears Mr Tomkins
Eagles Mr Benton
Manatees Mr Swafford
Moose Mr Bird

Troop Leadership

Position Mentor
Scribe Gail
Librarian Mr Bird
Historian Mr Bird
Webmasters Mr Meyer
Quartermasters TBD (Trailer)

Mr Bird (Church)

Troop Guide Mr Benton
Den Chief Sammy
Chaplain’s Aide Mr Meyer
Bugler Mrs Meyer
Order Of The Arrow Troop Representative Mr Tomkins
Outdoor Ethics Guide Mr FitzSimons



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