This is the area intended to provide valuable information for the scouts of the troop.

Merit Badges and Counsellors
Troop Schedule
National Honor Patrol Award
Youth Leadership
Trail to Eagle The best place to find all you need to know about the trail to Eagle is on the Shakori District Eagle Page.


(i) Shakori District Eagle Page:

(ii) Occoneechee Life to Eagle Guide:

(iii) EagleRefs, the preferred method for requesting recommendation letters is via a secure website

(iv) BSA Guide to Advancement 2017:

Why Knot

Troop Outing plans

Scouts can use these to plan outings including attendance, tenting assignments, duty roster and meal plan and food.




Board of Review Coordinator (T39B/G)  Ravi Gopalan

Patrol Advancement Coordinator

Troop 39 for Boys

Antelope                                                        Ashley Chi

Bear                                                                Lynn Roeder

Eagle                                                              Mark Klinger

Gold (older Life and Eagle Scouts)             Brian Swafford

Gold (older Life and Eagle Scouts)             Troop39NCWebmaster

Manatee                                                         Gabe Everhart

Moose                                                            Scott Lu

Phoenix (cub scout to troop transition)     Diane Meyer

Phoenix (cub scout to troop transition)    Troop39NCWebmaster

Senior Patrol Leader Core                           Troop39NCWebmaster

Patrol Advancement Coordinator

Troop 39 for Girls

Bobcats                                                          TBD

Service Hour Coordinator (T39B/G)        Jiang Rong

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