#46 Leadership elections

“At the end of the scout year, the scouts elect fellow scouts to lead the troop. Scout leadership positions include: Each scout belongs to a Patrol which is a group of 5 to 10 boys, led by a Patrol Leader, one of their own that they elect. The patrol leader is responsible for organizing, motivating, and managing his patrol. He represents the interests of his patrol mates when planning activities with other patrols and relays information to his patrol as needed.

The Assistant Patrol Leader APL, is elected and will move up to PL a the next election. Patrol Leader appoints an Assistant Patrol Leader to help him with the patrol duties. The APL fills in for the PL when needed and is second in command.

Troop 39 is led by the Senior Patrol Leader, a boy elected by the troop. This scout has ultimate responsibility for all the scouts in all the patrols in his troop. He runs all troop meetings, delegates responsibilities, and interacts with adult leadership. The SPL should be at least a First Class rank scout and must earn the respect and cooperation of his troop to be successful.

The senior patrol leader chooses another scout that he can work with and that he respects to fill the role of Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. The ASPL fills in for the SPL as needed and helps with running and managing the troop on outings and at meetings.

The SPL and ASPL run the Troop Meetings which are held 2 to 4 times per month. In troop meetings, scouts learn skills, present skits, play games, and prepare for monthly campouts. The SPL also runs the monthly Patrol Leaders Conference – a monthly meeting of all the patrol leaders in the troop – to review activities, plan new events, and delegate tasks to the patrols. This is the main organizational body of a troop.

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