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Touch a Truck – April 12, 2015 

Touch a truck

Troop 39’s Mulching Service 

Troop 39’s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


Troop 39 Schedule 

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April 1
Troop Committee meeting
No Troop night - Spring break
April 6
Saponi chapter meeting
April 8
Troop night - Capture the Flag (Bears or Moose?)
April 11
NCSU Merit Badge College
April 12
Touch a Truck
April 13
Leaders' meeting
April 15
Troop night - Swimming (Antelopes)
April 17
Order of the Arrow SR7b Conclave

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 


The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Honoring Americans Who Make a Difference by Volunteering

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards Pins


Troop 39 offers THE best scouting experience in Chapel Hill. One of the things that sets this troop aside is your ability as a scout, leader or committee member to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award with the troop.

Details of the award are available on the PVSA web site however the troop encourages all its members to commit to serve a minimum of 25 hours of service each calendar year.   Scouts and adults members who give 25 or more hours into service work benefiting the community beyond the troop but performed as part of a troop service project or being a scout of troop 39 is eligible.

Eligible activities include:

  1. Your Eagle Scout project including planning, fundraising, construction
  2. Other’s Eagle Scout projects – hours you spend working on someone else’s Eagle project, whether they are in Troop 39 or not!
  3. Voluntary mulching, e.g. at UUMC
  4. Touch a Truck (you are raising money for UNC Children’s Hospital)
  5. Fundraising for a project such as Mountains to Sea Trial.
  6. Special Olympics
  7. Order of the Arrow volunteerism e.g. your work as a Chapter or lodge leader, your ordeal, being an Elangomat, serving on a ceremony team, working in the camp kitchen  etc.
  8. Any other activity performed through the troop that benefits others outside the troop

The group award level is as follows.  Each member of the group needs to perform a minimum of 25 hours to arn recognition for the award.

  • Bronze: 200-499 hours
  • Silver: 500 to 999 hours
  • Gold: 1000 or more hours


Year  youth members earning the award  adult members earning the award total members earning the award level earned  Total hours
21 (=) 12 (-8%) 33 (-3%) Gold (=) 1984 (-11%)
 2013  21 (-14%) 13 (+30%) 34 (=)  Gold (=)  2234 (+22%)
 2012  24 (+14%) 10 (+43%) 34 (+21%)  Gold (=)  1834 (+21%)
 2011  21 7 28  Gold  1512


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