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Touch a Truck – April 30, 2017 

Touch a truck 

Mulch Service – Scout Fundraiser 

Scout Fundraiser 


Leave No Trace Trainer

Leave No Trace Trainer

  • Appointed by the senior patrol leader.
  • The scout must be 14 years or older who has successfully completed the official 16-hour Leave No Trace Trainer training course, to serve as the troop Leave No Trace Trainer.
  • A Scout under the age of 14, or who has not completed Leave No Trace Trainer training, may serve as an instructor teaching Leave No Trace skills until he obtains the necessary training.


  1. Helps minimize impact on the land by teaching members the principles of Leave No Trace and improving Scouts’ outdoor ethics decision-making skills.
    • Runs at least one troop meeting covering the principles of Leave No Trace
    • Reviews outdoor activity plans to ensure compliance with Leave No Trace principles
    • Attend at least 75% of outdoor events
  2. Sets a good example
  3. Wears the designated full uniform at troop activities
  4. Shows Scout spirit
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