Weather can be very unpredictable in the mountains and we must be prepared for all eventualities. In 2017, 1′ of snow fell on the trail we had planned to take.

Packing list (for hikes and adventures)

  1. Hiking boots with good ankle support.
  2. Socks.
    • Wool socks are the best for the hiking
    • Sock liners help avoid hot-spots and blisters.
  3. Hard wearing trousers: no jeans. 
    • Scout pants are great but recall we will need Class A many times including on our journey home.
  4. Warm clothing
    • Layers of non-cotton clothing for adventure activities.
  5. Underwear
    • non-cotton undies for the hikes and other high adventure
  6. Warm hat and gloves
    • Important even in the Summer
  7. Waterproof jacket and trousers
  8. Sun protection:
    • sunglasses
    • lip balm
    • Sunscreen
    • hat
  9. Water bottles or Camelbak bladder – recommend 3-4 litres
  10. Personal items
    • Personal medications
    • Personal First Aid kit
    • Every scout should have moleskin and the ability to cut and apply it independently.
    • Travel size personal items for the overnights away from KISC (hut hikes, Zermatt and Grindelwald). (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, travel towel etc.)
  11. Flashlight/headlight
  12. Map and compass (Leaders will bring)
  13. Sleeping bag liner (for overnight at hut hikes)
  14. Hiking poles (optional but recommended)
  15. Day pack for hikes, days trips etc:  
    • A dozen or more zip lock bags to ensure your gear stays dry.
  16. Tubing, canyoning and Leukerbad Thermes: Water shoes; water shirt; swim wear; swim towel.
  17. Mountain bike ride: good sneakers/trail shoes; cycling gloves (optional)

Packing list (for the less adventurous times)

  1. Spending money
  2. Passports and other forms of identification.
  3. Change of clothes for 18 days of adventure.
    • Washing machines and detergent are available at KISC but a scout is on his own washing his gear.
    • Class B shirts and other cotton T-shirts are OK for non-adventure activity.
  4. Neckerchief and your woggle.
    • Wear your troop neckerchief (Kandersteg version) everywhere.
    • Bring your traders
  5. Large cotton towel – suggest one that is suitable for both swimming and the bathroom.
  6. Troop flag, NC flag and Stars and Stripes – Leaders
  7. You can bring flags too!

What to take on the plane

  1. Wear your Class A uniform for US departure/arrival. 
  2. Entertainment – phone, battery, cable, headphones, charger, Nintendo *
  3. 24 hours of clothing in case your bag doesn’t show up at Zurich (it happens a lot!)
    • We do not want to have to take you shopping and disrupt the adventure.
  4. Medications
  5. Personal hygiene items
  6. Food
    • Snacks for the flight
    • Food to supplement your breakfast on arrival.
  7. Empty water bottle/bladder (fill it after clearing TSA at RDU)
  8. Passport
  9. Money

What not to bring in your carry-on

  1. Anything on the TSA do-not-bring list.  
  2. Liquids
  3. Knifes (preferably, leave your knives at home, otherwise in checked bag)

What not to bring

  1. Any shirts/clothing with alcohol, tobacco themes or anything that might be deemed offensive.
  2. Sleeping bag, tent, sleep mat.
  3. Open-toed shoes