Troop Schedules

Both the boys and girls Troops typically follows this schedule

  1. Weekly – Troop meetings each Wednesday night during the school year at UUMC. 7:30pm-9:00pm.
  2. Monthly – Troop outings are held monthly from September to May

There is currently one Google calendar which details all of the Troops’ activities and events. They are regularly maintained by the adult leaders in the troops.

If you use an electronic schedule such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal or a device such as a smartphone or tablet that has a calendar function, then you can subscribe to this calendar adding it alongside your own schedules. This is highly recommended.  This will save you the effort of re-keying this data and it will mean that your calendar is always up to date!

Use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.

Troop Calendar

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