Troop Youth Structure


Scouts are assigned to a patrol on the basis that they will help build that patrol. Special situations are considered, but the final decision is made by the Scoutmaster. In cases where a Scout wishes to change patrols, his decision must be brought to Patrol Leader first, then Senior Patrol Leader will also be discussed by the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), and then the scoutmaster and The Scout must show just cause for change.

Adult leadership has the right to make patrol assignments based on the best interests of the troop. Each patrol is assigned an adult patrol adviser and is encouraged to use him or her as to help develop leadership, prevent discipline problems, and as a resource for planning meetings.

Honor Patrol

Honor Patrol will be based on the national guidelines established for National Honor Patrol Award. These guidelines can be found in certain issues of the Scout Handbook and also can be obtained from the Scoutmaster.

In order for a patrol to function successfully and for Scouts in each patrol to receive maximum benefit for being in a patrol; here are some of the most basic Patrol ideals and some suggested ways of achieving them.

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