Troop Rules/Expectations

Troop 39 Participation Policy

A Scout has a goal to participate in at least 80% of all Troop functions and activities for continuing membership in Troop 39. The activities include Troop meetings, camping trips, and other activities, Scout Sunday and patrol meetings. In addition, the Scout must not fall below 60% participation in any one of these categories. Should any Scout fail to meet the 80% or 60% requirements, the Scoutmasters will review the individual circumstances. If it is concluded that there is a lack of interest on the part of the Scout, he will be referred to the Board of Review for evaluation and appropriate action.

Certain trips and activities require that the participants have demonstrated a participation rate of 60% for the 12 months prior to the event.

Exemption: Scouts who are in their first year in Troop 39 and Scouts who have earned the rank of Eagle.

Note: Scouts who do not meet this requirement due to extenuating circumstances may petition the scoutmaster or his designee for an exemption.

National BSA Behavior Expectations

All members of the BSA are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth in the Scout Oath and Law. Physical violence, hazing, bullying, theft, verbal insults, and drugs and alcohol have no place in the Scouting program and may result in the revocation of a Scout’s or Leader’s membership in the troop.

If confronted by threats of violence or other forms of bullying from other youth members, Scouts should seek help from their troop leaders.

CD/MP3/IPod Players, Cell Phones and Personal Sports/Toys Equipment

Radios, IPOD’s, CD players, cell phones and other electronic equipment are allowed only during transportation to and from events, provided ear/headphones are used, but they are not encouraged.  The Scoutmaster and/or Asst. Scoutmasters will provide cell phones should it become necessary for a Scout to phone home during a trip and/or activity.

Therefore, Troop 39 Scouts should not need a cell phone while participating in any troop activity and/or event.  Scouts are discouraged from bringing electronics on trips.

Water play items, such as water guns and balloons, should not be brought or used on any Troop function unless authorized as part of the program.

BSA policy prohibits possession or use of ANY fireworks whatsoever (e.g. sparklers, bottle rockets, etc.) Any Scout found in possession of any fireworks will be sent home after investigation.

Pocket knives, saws, single blade axes are the only wood tools permitted with proper training. The misuse of any object may result in its confiscation. Sheath knives are also NOT permitted!

Fire Safety

Fire is a tool, not a toy. It is every Scout’s responsibility to use fires for light, cooking, or warmth only. The size of the fire should be adequate to accomplish the task, but never in excess. Matches and lighters are the only acceptable resources for fire-starting.

Liquid flammables will not be tolerated, nor will any other fire starting devices, e.g. blowtorches, gas stove tanks, or any other high pressure fuel container.

Liquid fuel stoves may be used as cooking devices when and where appropriate. They should be used under the supervision of an adult.

Troop Equipment

Troop equipment is purchased or obtained for use by troop members. All equipment so obtained remains the property of the troop. There are several equipment inspections during the year to identify any lost or damaged equipment, which will be replaced or repaired by the Patrol.

Members of Troop 39 may borrow troop equipment for use in non-troop BSA activities (e.g. OA meetings) with the approval of the Troop Quartermaster. The individual member is financially responsible for any loss or damage to said equipment.

Each camping participant is solely responsible for any and all personal items brought on a camping or other outdoor event. Troop 39, its leaders, and chartering organization(s) are not liable, and cannot be held liable, for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed personal items. We sometimes camp in very public places, and a tent is not secure. Items left in the open, or even in a closed tent, are not guaranteed to be where you left them, or in the condition you left them, when you return. Troop 39 camps in any weather, and rain, snow, hail, and wind can damage or destroy, or cause to be lost, personal clothing and equipment.

If a Scout is not willing to have it lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, the item should not be taken on a trip.

Discipline Procedures

Scouts will call home from the meeting, activity, or trip and explain the situation a parent.

Parents are expected to pick their son up and take him home if asked. Leaders may opt to keep the scout when distance is a factor.

Any unauthorized items will be taken into custody by the Adult Staff and returned to a parent.

Parents of youth members who misbehave should be informed and asked for assistance.

The BSA does not permit the use of corporal punishment by troop leaders when disciplining youth members.

The troop committee should review repetitive or serious incidents of misbehavior in consultation with the parents of the child to determine a course of corrective action including possible revocation of the youth’s membership in the troop.

If problem behavior persists, the troop may revoke a Scout’s membership in that troop.

The troop should inform the Scout executive about all incidents that result in a physical injury or involve allegations of sexual misconduct by a youth member with another youth member.

Scouts will not be disciplined for an addiction or health concerns unless they violate state law or troop policy by possessing an inappropriate item, selling inappropriate items to other scouts, or pressuring other scouts into participating in inappropriate behavior.

Adult leaders and committee members can provide resources and support to scouts and parents as needed.

Adult leaders are not investigators. They are required to report suspicion of addictions, health concerns, or abuse. They are required to report abuse to the proper authorities for further investigation.

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