Troop Outings and Activities

Planning Conference (Brownsea 39)

Each fall, as the Troop resumes the regular fall schedule, all Scouts and adults in leadership positions are expected to attend and all scouts First Class and above are invited to attend a two day conference to review Troop policy and to plan the troop meetings, camping trips, and establish the year’s schedule.

Camping Trips, Hikes and Events

hikingTroop 39 goes on a weekend camping trip once a month. All members are expected to participate since this is the highlight of our Scouting Program. Also, each Scout and Scouting family should consider four events on the Troop calendar as mandatory for all Scouts.

The four mandatory events are:

  • Scout Sunday at University United Methodist Church,
  • UNC Winter Graduation, UNC
  • Spring Graduation and
  • our annual “Touch a Truck” fundraiser.

Summer Camp(s)

copeTroop 39 attends an approved BSA Council Camp each summer for a week. Details are announced in December. Every Scout should plan to attend camp with the troop. Summer camp is the most important program experience of the entire Scouting year. Any Scout wishing to attend an additional or alternate week is encouraged to do so. Arrangements must be made directly with the camp on an individual basis.

Optional High Adventure Trips

BSA High AdventureTroop 39 emphasizes the “outing” in Scouting by offering opportunities to travel the world. We offer trips to adventures few of their age group have an opportunity to experience outside of Scouting. To fund these trips, scouts and families are generally expected to pay for airfare and spending money. Participating group members sponsor fundraisers to generate funds covering registration fees, lodging, meals, and activity fees. International and most domestic trips are announced a year in advance to allow fundraising time. Age requirements are set by either the activity center to be visited or by the trip leaders with approval of the troop committee. All trips must be approved by the troop committee and have proper BSA permits filed. All BSA standards must be met. Parents must be notified and provide written permission in the rare exception an activity is either not mentioned in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Council-sponsored Holiday 50-miler

50 milerFor scouts 14 & older, the Occoneechee Council offers a six-day backpacking trip from December 26th through December 31st. Scouts bring their own food. Interested scouts should check the council website ( for more information. Scouts can earn the 50-miler award.

Patrol Food on Trips

Each trip, there will be a designated patrol member responsible for purchasing food based on the menu derived by the Patrol Leader.  That patrol member should be reimbursed by patrol members no later than the Wednesday meeting following the trip.  Scouts who make a commitment to a trip will be held accountable for reimbursing the patrol member who is responsible for the food regardless of whether they are able to attend the trip or not.

Personal Camping Equipment

Each patrol is issued a set of camping equipment and is responsible for its upkeep and proper maintenance. Patrols are issued camp stoves, basic pots and pans, cookware, a patrol box, and a lantern. Troop 39 will provide tents for new Scouts but as a general rule, the troop does not provide tents for camping.  While each Scout does not need to have his own tent, Patrol Leaders are expected to make sure each Scout attending a camping trip has a tent in which to sleep.

Scouts receive a 10% discount off camping equipment purchased at Townsend & Bertram camping store in Car Mill Mall in Carrboro if they have their BSA membership card.

Scouts are encouraged to have the following personal gear for camping trips:


  1. 4 changes of underwear
  2. at least 2 changes of socks
  3. extra clothing (appropriate to season)
  4. jacket
  5. hat
  6. rain gear
  7. extra shoes


  1. deep bowl and/or plate
  2. cup, knife, fork, and spoon
  3. water bottle or canteen


  1. Warm sleeping bag, or lightweight bag with extra blankets
  2. sleeping pad, or extra blankets for underneath sleeping bag


  1. flashlight
  2. personal hygiene items
  3. small towel
  4. Bandaids / first aid kit
  5. notepad and pen or pencil

New Scouts and parents are encouraged to talk with experienced troop members and parents about specific types of personal gear, brands, preferences, and suggestions before purchasing equipment. Items such as tents and sleeping bags can last many years so it is wise to make the best initial purchase.

Domestic High Adventure

Florida High Adventure Sea Base

Florida Sea BaseThe Florida National High Adventure Sea Base the following adventures: Coral Reef Sailing, Sea Exploring Adventure, Scuba Adventure, Scuba Certification, Live Aboard Scuba Adventure, Out Island Adventure, Keys Adventure, Bahamas Adventure, and Bahamas Tall Ship Adventures. Scouting’s most complete aquatic facility offers a complete variety of water activities from SCUBA diving to sailing “Tall Ships”. All participants have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and fish among the most beautiful coral reefs in the northern hemisphere. Visit Note: offered through Troop 39 based on interest

Northern Tier Canoe Base

Northern TierNorthern Tier offers Scouts and Venturers the world’s best wilderness canoeing. The Northern Tier offers many adventures, each geared to the goals and desires of your group. Visit the Northern Tier for an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of Canoe Country. Beginning in December, scouts may participate in the challenging cold weather camping program called Okpik (OOk’ pick). Visit Note: offered through Troop 39 based on interest

Philmont Scout Ranch

PhilmontThe BSA’s premier high-adventure base challenges Scouts with more than 200 square miles of rugged New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country. Youth and adults take advantage of the ranch’s camping, training, and work programs. Most activity takes place during the summer, but Philmont also offers its Fall Adventure and Kanik winter program. Visit Note: offered through Troop 39 based on interest

National Scout Jamboree (offered by the Occoneechee Council)

National JamboreeScouts from across the nation gather at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia every four years. Each council is allowed to bring a specific number of representative scouts from their area. These participants form a council troop, which operates the same patrol method as a traditional local troop. Scouts can earn partial merit badges at the Merit Badge Midway, experience action sports, enjoy shows featuring major entertainers and generally our nation’s President, and spectacular fireworks shows. Participation ranges from 60-75,000 scouts and leaders on site for ten days.

Other Adventures Based on Parent/Leader Expertise

Parents and leaders possessing a particular talent, interest, or expertise may propose a concept to the troop committee for approval and coordinate the trip. This should be done prior to soliciting youth interest. Scouts can be loosely polled for interest but should not be asked for deposits or funding prior to troop committee approval. Such trips have included a bicycling trip from San Francisco, CA to Norfolk, VA which was featured in the April 2006 Boy’s Life magazine. International High Adventure

Kandersteg, Switzerland

KanderstegKandersteg International Scout Centre is the only world centre of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The Centre began in 1923 with Lord Robert Baden-Powell, who, after the first World Scout Jamboree had a dream about a place where all Scouts from all over the world could meet. Summer in Kandersteg is often described as a ‘Permanent Mini Jamboree’, and with good reason too! Where else can you share an early morning breakfast with your Italian neighbors before heading off on a hike to a Swiss Alpine Cheesery with some German and Spanish Scouts? Then you can finish off the evening with a huge International Campfire, joining with Scouts and Guides from all over the world. Visit Note: offered every four years through Troop 39.

British High Adventure

Queen ScoutEach member of Troop 39 has one opportunity to participate in the British High Adventure. Scouts who are at least 13 but not yet 15 at the time of the event visit the United Kingdom for three weeks. They traditionally attend summer camp with our partner troop, the 26th Northcote Scout group in Bristol, England, for ten days and spend a few days with families from the 26th. Each Adventure group selects activities around the UK for the remainder of the trip. Most groups spend three or four days in London visiting tourist sites and activities. Other activities have included caving in Cheddar and bicycling through Exmoor. Note: offered every two years through Troop 39


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