Troop Basics

Annual Dues

The annual dues are set by the Troop Committee each year prior to the beginning of the scout year (2010-11 dues: $140) . These funds are used for chartering expenses, the purchase of gas for troop trips, van rentals, awards and advancement supplies, patrol equipment, Courts of Honor expenses, some leadership training, and other miscellaneous administrative expenses. Dues should be paid to the troop treasurer by the end of
September of each new scouting year, or upon joining for new Scouts. The more successful our fundraising activities, the less we are charged for dues.

Troop 39 is committed to providing financial assistance to Scouts and families for which dues and other expenses represent a financial hardship. Scholarship information can be obtained from the troop committee chairperson or by contacting the troop treasurer.

Troop Communication


To be properly informed, Troop 39 has adopted three primary methods for contacting each Scout and family including website, email, and the troop Google email groups.
Our troop website is It is updated frequently and often within hours of receiving information.  Scouts & parents can find copies of most troop printed resources
to download, announcements or changes to troop activities, information and resources for advancement and merit badges, and notes and photos from various trips.
Patrol Leaders or their parents will notify patrol members by phone tree when important information needs to be disseminated immediately. Traditionally, this is primarily used when the troop will return more than 30 minutes after the scheduled return time from an activity or trip. The Senior Patrol Leader
or designate will phone his parent. That parent will contact each patrol leader’s parent or designate, who in turn calls each member of the patrol. One adult leader’s spouse will contact each affected leader’s spouse as needed. When in doubt about what is expected, contact your Patrol Leader first.
Please join our Google group to receive email updates on schedules, news, etc. Visit the site, find the “Contact Us” tab to join the different email lists.  Individual lists are available for general troop families & supporters, adult leaders, junior leaders, the troop committee, and Eagle Scout Mentors. List subscribers can send a note to one central address and reach each member of the group. This prevents each family or leader from updating an ever-changing personal address book as subscribers manage their own accounts.
For problems, suggestions, or concerns about this website, please contact Webmaster.

Trip/Activity Transportation

Troop 39 will use a variety of transportation options to insure that our Scouts are safe when being transported to and from any and all troop trips.

Parents are not covered under the BSA policy unless approved by the Committee and their personal driver information is registered with the troop. Each personal vehicle used must have seatbelts for each passenger. Parents driving other Scouts, even to and from meetings, accept liability on their personal insurance.

The Troop Committee budgets a certain amount each year to cover van rentals, if necessary. These funds are raised for the troop through fundraisers and partially through Troop Dues.


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