Trail to Eagle

Commitment to the Eagle Trail

During the Scoutmaster Conference for Star rank, the Scoutmaster discusses the Trail to Eagle process with the Scout and determines whether or not the Scout is willing to make the commitment to this achievement.  Because of age limits and time in rank requirements, or because of other commitments and interests outside of Scouting, some Scouts cannot be expected to achieve the Eagle rank. We honor and respect every achievement by our Scouts.

Eagle Mentors

If the Star Scout expresses an interest in committing to the Eagle rank achievement, an Adult Mentor is assigned to counsel the Scout through the various steps along the Eagle Trail.

This requires a significant commitment on behalf of the Mentor too. Phone calls and frequent progress reviews are recommended. The advantages are numerous:

  • Fewer problems with rank approvals
  • Better communication with Scouts and parents
  • Peer level leadership opportunities for Scout with adult leaders
  • More visibility into the Eagle process for younger Scouts

Life Scouts

At the time of the Scout’s Scoutmaster Conference for Life rank, the Scoutmaster once again determines the Scout’s progress toward Eagle and reaffirms their commitment to achieve the Eagle rank award. The Life Scout is now considered an Eagle Candidate and, with the guidance of their Mentor, selects and plans an Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project.

Attaining the Eagle Scout Rank

The Scout must be the driving force behind their quest to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Mentor will provide the Scout with guidance on where to obtain the Eagle documentation.

The Shakori District provides each Eagle Candidate with a review and approval to start their Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, advice on completing the other requirements for the Eagle Scout rank, and a prompt board of review once the Eagle Candidate’s Eagle package and letters are ready.

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The selection and completion of the Eagle Candidate’s Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project is the sole responsibility of the Scout. The Eagle Mentor, Troop Leadership, parents, project recipient and fellow Scouts have a role in assisting the Eagle Candidate in properly carrying out their Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, the failure of any or all of these persons to see the project to a timely and satisfactory conclusion does not relieve the Scout of their obligation to see the project to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

The Eagle Candidate’s Project Plan must be formally approved by the Chair of the Shakori District Eagle Committee, before the Eagle Candidate begins work on the project.

Requests for a time extension to complete an Eagle project will not be considered, nor granted, if the request is based on the lack of cooperation on the part of the Troop, project recipient, parents or fellow Scouts.  Requests for extension are only approved by BSA National.

Eagle Board of Review

The Shakori District Eagle Committee is responsible for upholding the standards of the Eagle Rank award.  They ensure that fair and consistent standards are applied to the planning of Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects and in Eagle Boards of Review, and that these standards are consistent with National BSA and Occoneechee Council advancement policies.

The Board of Review determines the Scout’s preparedness for the Eagle rank. It does not re-examine them on their merit badges or previous ranks.

If the Board unanimously approves the Scout, the Board chairman and district member ceremoniously sign the Eagle application and explain the remaining process to the Scout:

  • The application is approved only after the Council Scout Executive and the National Eagle Scout Service Office signs it.
  • Though the Board recommends the Scout, only the National Eagle Scout Service can approve the Eagle Scout award.
  • The average time for the National Court of Honor to send the Eagle Scout certificate to the council is four weeks.
  • The Eagle award is not available to the Scout until the Eagle Scout Certificate is received in the Council office, without exception.

If the vote on the recommendation is not unanimous, the Board discusses with the Scout the reasons why they were not approved. It informs them of the courses of action open to them.

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