Parent Involvement

Scouting is a family activity. There are many ways in which parents can help their child make the most of the opportunities provided by Troop 39 – and at the same time, share in the learning and fun!

First and foremost, it is important that parents encourage their child to participate in all aspects of the troop program. Many times this means scheduling other activities so that they don’t conflict with Scouting events. Secondly, parents should support their child’s involvement by taking an interest in their Scouting activities. By attending Courts of Honor, helping with advancement, and participating in troop outings, parents send a message that Scouting is important. Last but not least, there are many volunteer opportunities for parents to help Troop 39 operate as a quality unit. Parents are expected to contribute 25 hours back ti the troop during the scout year. The adults who plan and supervise the many activities of the troop are volunteers and need the help of parents to raise funds, plan programs, organize events, and help with communication.


Troop 39 sponsors a number of fundraisers which help pay for charter dues, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and other expenses. All parents can help by volunteering to work on these projects:

Touch a TruckTouch-a-Truck – Our largest fundraiser of the year, held since 2009, supports the troop and the UNC Children’s program. Touch-a-Truck provides a unique opportunity for children to explore vehicles of all types – public service, emergency, utility, construction, landscaping, transportation, delivery and just plain cool – all in one place!
Mulch Spreading – This service runs year-round, but most business is in the fall and spring.


Several committees assist the Scoutmasters with the operation of the troop.  Parents are needed to help with the projects coordinated by these committees:

Troop Committee – This parent-run committee develops policies and programs, coordinates fundraising activities and allocates funds, and provides support to Scoutmasters.

Other volunteer positions: Groups of volunteers are needed to coordinate fundraisers, facilitate communication, and provide other important services which help the troop operate efficiently:

Eagle Scout mentors – Counsel Scouts through the various steps along the Eagle Trail.

Mulch spreading coordinators – Receive calls from clients and schedule spreading and track payments.

Webmaster – Contribute to the development and maintenance of troop website.

Court of Honor coordinator – Supervise set-up and clean-up; order refreshments.

Publicity coordinator – Work with local news outlets to publicize service projects and other activities of Troop 39.

Vehicle maintenance coordinator– Provide routine maintenance and schedule repairs for troop vehicles.

Merit Badge Counselor – The counselor’s job is to act as a coach and an examiner. As a coach you help the Scout over the hurdles of the requirement developing their self-confidence as you proceed. Through your expertise and experience, you also make them aware of the broader and deeper aspects of the subject, developing in them an interest which may lead to further explorations of their own. As an examiner the counselor must be satisfied that each Scout meets all requirements for the merit badge and that all youth are treated equally. This position is registered with the BSA, at no cost, and requires training.

Merit Badge Coordinator – The designated parent volunteer that coordinates matching scouts with the appropriate merit badge counselor.

Eagle Board of Reviews Coordinator – Coordinates the Board of Review for the Eagle Scout Candidate that has successfully completed their Scoutmaster Conference for the rank of Eagle.

Advancement Chair – The member of the troop committee that coordinates all scout advancements.

Assistant Advancement Chairs – The parent volunteers that works with the scouts of an assigned patrol.

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