High Adventure Roadmap

Troop 39 offers a unique set of High Adventure opportunities for its youth, we think, unrivaled by any other troop in the country.  ;There is a definitive schedule published for British and Swiss high adventure by the Troop and also a definitive schedule for the national jamboree published by the BSA.   This schedule is then augmented by more flexible schedules for expeditions to Philmont, Sea Base and Northern Tier.

British High Adventure

Every two year (the even years), our middle school scouts travel to the UK spending time with host families from the 26th Northcote Scout Group in Bristol, England.  Scouts take day trips to exciting, historic sites such as Warwick Castle, Longleat and London and also get the opportunity join the Bristol 26th at Summer Camp.  British Scouts’ summer Camps are a totally different experience to that of BSA Scouts attending a Summer Camp!

Forthcoming years: 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024, …

Swiss High Adventure

Every four years, our scouts travel to Switzerland, to the Kandersteg International Scout Center which was establish by Lord Baden-Powell to be a permanent Jamboree. Scouts stay in a dorm at the KISC as well as sleeping in high altitude Swiss Alpine Club huts.  As well as hiking the high Alpine mountains, scouts also have other high adventure opportunities such as glacier training, climbing, tubing, high ropes – to name but  few.

In 2016, the troop leadership made a change to the schedule to switch the schedule so the Swiss High Adventure will no longer conflict with the BSA National Jamboree.  This also gives the troop the advantage that they will visit KISC in 2023, its centennial year.

Schedule: 2009, 2013, 2017, 2019, 2023, 2027, …

Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM

Typically whilst the middle school scouts are travelling to England, the troop considers taking scouts on a 12 day backpacking trek at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.   These high adventure opportunities are not set up on a regular, predictable cycle like the British and Swiss high adventure but are typically initiated 18-24 months of the expedition taking place.

Schedule: 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018, …

BSA National Jamboree, Summit Bechtel Reserve, WV

In 2017, the troop leadership and committee took a decision that will allow our scouts to be fully immersed in the troop’s High Adventure programme and attend the National Jamboree in West Virginia which also takes place every four years.

Schedule:  2013, 2017, 2021, 2025, …

Future Adventures

Year Adventures Comments
2018 ukflag


British High Adventure


Philmont Scout Ranch


2019 seabase



Florida Sea Base (Spring Break. 9-10 scouts depending on leaders)


Swiss High Adventure (July-August. 22 scouts)


World Scout Jamboree (July-August, limited to 36 scouts across Occoneechee Council)

2020 ukflag British High Adventure
2021 sbr National Jamboree
2022 ukflag British High Adventure
2023 swissflag Swiss High Adventure
2024 ukflag British High Adventure
2025 sbr National Jamboree
2026 ukflag British High Adventure
2027 swissflag Swiss High Adventure
2028 ukflag British High Adventure
2029 sbr National Jamboree
2030 ukflag British High Adventure

Prior adventures

Year Adventures Comments
2009 swissflag Swiss High Adventure
2010 ukflag British High Adventure
2011 philmontpatch Philmont Scout Ranch
2012 ukflag British High Adventure
2013 swissflag Swiss High Adventure
2014 ukflagphilmontpatch British High Adventure

Philmont Scout Ranch

2015 seabase Florida Sea Base
2016 ukflagphilmontpatch British High Adventure

Philmont Scout Ranch

2017 swissflag
Swiss High Adventure


National Jamboree