Troop 39 Boxing Day Geohunt

Four scouts, four adults and one dog went on a geohunt along Morgan Creek in Chapel Hill on Boxing Day (that’s December 26th!).  We enjoyed the great weather and found six geocaches in the park.   in teh process we also left behind several CITO (Cache In trash Out) kits we had made to allow others to take out trash they find in the park.  We also pulled out two grocery bags full of trash and recycling that we found as we geocached.

The boys spent several hours learning about geocaching – we covered topics such as how GPSes work, the Universal Transverse Mercator grid system, learning Geocaching terminology and why a map and compass are still essential even though you may have a GPS.

There’ll be another Geohunt soon which will allow the boys to complete their requirements for the Geocaching merit badge.

yours in Scouting

Glyn Tomkins

ASM Troop 39

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