Summer Camp electives 2019


Troop 39 leadership strongly encourage all scouts in the troop to make the most of every Summer Camp opportunity and now is the time to pay for Summer Camp 2019.   Please do so as soon as possible – deadline 4/17. 

Summer Camp offers an exciting opportunity to learn new skills and earn many Merit Badges that are key to advancement from First Class Scout to Eagle.

For those new to the troop, the Summer Camp programme offers a fantastic opportunity for your scout to establish a very firm foundation on their advancement.  They will have the opportunity to learn new skills and many of the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class requirements will be covered as well as requirements for First Aid and Swimming Merit Badge.  Summer Camp is also be a great opportunity to make friends in the troop and others from the council and get to know the wonderful Camp Durant.

Troop 39 wants every scout in the troop to have the opportunity to attend Summer Camp.  If any hardships apply, please discuss confidentiality with John Christy, Sammy or Glyn.  

Summer camp leaders

The leaders coordinating the event who are your primary contacts for Summer Camp are: 

  • Creighton Alexander (boys) 
  • Kelly Keadey (girls) 

Medical Forms
We also have to have completed medical forms (Parts A, B and C (part C requires a physician’s signature) as well as a photocopy of medical insurance membership cards.  The troop will be having medicals at a soon to be scheduled meeting.  Look out for the email on this!  For those new to the troop, the troop has a group of volunteer male and female doctors who come to troop night to do the medicals.  You can use them or you can take your scout to your own physician.  All completed paperwork is due to: 

  • Marie Rape (boys)
  • Lynn Tomkins (girls)

Without this paperwork, your scout will not go to camp (it is that simple!) and Marie and Lynn will be reminding you of this.  Please don’t make them remind you more than once! 

Yours in Scouting,

Glyn Tomkins
Scoutmaster, Scouts BSA Troop 39 for Girls
Assistant Scoutmaster, Scouts BSA Troop 39 for Boys

Troop 39 Summer Camp 2019

June 23- June 29

 Cost: $350* includes transportation to and from Camp Durant.

Programme details:  See Camp Durant’s Leaders’ Guide for all you need to know (and a lot you don’t!)

Payment is due by 4/17.

You can pay online at the troop’s online shop by 4/17 by credit/debit card or, if you have the funds, your Scoutbucks accounts!


now –  4/17 Payments accepted –

now through 4/19 Provide your programme choices by completing and submitting the form below.

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    Is your scout attending Summer Camp 2019 at Camp Durant from June 23 - June 29?

    Yes indicates that you are committing your son to Summer Camp and agree to pay the camp fee ($350) plus additional fees for some specific electives.

    If attending, please complete the remainder of the form.

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    Do you need to complete 1st class swim requirments at camp?

    When will you do Fingerprinting Merit Badge?

    When will you do Sculpture Merit Badge?

    Alternative Merit Badges. Please list a few alternative Merit Badges should your above selections not be available


    By responding that your Scout is attending, you are committing to the camp fees.

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