Summer Camp 2012 – parents’ action required by April 11th

​​Parents – I hope that you are enjoying Spring break. Sorry to interrupt you but your attention to this is important – It’s time to make commitments to Summer Camp!

Summer camp 2012 is at Camp Durant. We depart on June 24 and return on June 30.


The base cost for this camp is $230. Please contact Sammy or Mr Tomkins if you need assistance covering the costs of this camp. Fees may be paid by check payable to Troop 39 or from the scout’s account balance.

There may be additional costs based on your scout’s electives which are paid at camp.  At this time, the camp has not informed us of which activities have additional fees nor how much these fees are. We will communicate these as soon as we know them.

Here is what you need to do – by April 11th

Please share this page with your scout and work with them on their electives.  If you need advice, please email or call Mr Tomkins or Sammy.

Please complete the online form below on or before April 11th or print and complete the pdf registration form and bring to troop night on April 11th and hand to Sammy.  Please bring a check payable to Troop 39 for $230 on April 11th or April 18th.

We need a response from every scout even if they are not planning to attend summer camp.  It’s important that we know whether your scout is planning to attend by April 11th and what their electives are – a delay may mean that your scout does not get to take their preferred electives.


Please see the following documents:

1. The leaders’ guide which outlines all of the programmes offered at Durant.

2. The daily (Monday-Thursday) schedule of when each programme is planned.

Scouts who are rank Tenderfoot or below must elect to take either the morning or the afternoon trailblazer programme (p18 of the leaders’ guide) – not both. They can choose other scheduled activities such as Merit Badges for the other part of the day.

Scouts who are Second Class are recommended not to take the trailblazer programme but may do so after they have first discussed this with Sammy or Mr Tomkins.

Scouts First class and higher should elect to take merit badges (p19-29 of the leaders’ guide). There are also several Specialty programmes scouts can choose from. (p29 of the leaders’ guide)

Scouts may leave one hour free in the day.  Scouts with a sash full of merit badges may leave more than one hour free however this needs to be first agreed by Sammy or Mr Tomkins.

Daily Special Events

See the leaders’ guide pages 13-17 for details of special daily events that your scout can participate in to enhance their fun at camp – we are not gathering details of who is interested in which activities but please make sure your scout sees this section!


Yours in Scouting
Glyn Tomkins
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 39


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