Photos from Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck 2011 is now behind us – and is, alas, consigned to a large and growing pile of very fond memories of the wonderful things this troop does together!

For me, personally, two things will stand out:

  • Seeing Julie getting so very excited when the helicopters arrived (see photos).   Julie – we are incredibly blessed in having you part of the troop and the wonderful passion you bring to events like Touch a Truck.
  • Hearing TomTom explain all the details about the Messerschmitt to all those who came by.  A few more career options open up … who knows … perhaps we have an historian, a museum curator or a Top Gear presenter!

Enjoy the photos.

Glyn Tomkins
ASM, Troop 39

p.s. Thanks to John Christy for taking many of these fine photos.  John – my favourite is the guy who is about to be eaten by the machine!


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