Photos from Gettysburg 2015

Scouts and adults from Troop 39 enjoyed a special prepreation meeting the Wednesday before going to Gettysburg for an educational event. The scouts were able to get an excused absence from school to take a relaxing bus ride. We enjoyed a weekend of camping on the historic battlefield. Saturday we visited the museum and were to spend quite some time marveling over the 360 degree Cyclorama, the largest oil painting in the USA measuring 42 feet high and 377 feet in circumference, and is over 130 years old. We were treated to have a licensed tour guide on our troop bus that spent time making this event a memory of a lifetime for us. So much information was coming forth from him that one could not help but be moved by this retired Marine. Saturday evening we were treated to some delicious ChiliMac by Mr Fitz-Simmons and cooking crew, a Troop 39’s Got Talent event, this included patrols, individual scouts, our guest parents and uniformed leaders, sorry, no video recording was made available. We were able to close out Saturday the best way our troop could at such a historical event with a flag retirement ceremony. We were up early Sunday, an hour before sunrise to break camp, have our scout zone service, eat and go over to Pickets Charge where our Mr Benton walked us thru the steps of this pivital event of the 3 day battle where we walked the 7th of a mile where 5000 Confederate lost their lives or came up missing in this event and we saw their high mark into Northern soil.

Please enjoy the photos, most of which were supplied by the scouts.

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