Photos from Camporee

This weekend we spent and unseasonably cool weekend at Camp Campbell with the Mawat/Orange District Camporee.

Troop 39 did really well winning several honours:

We entered 6 dishes into the cooking contest.  All of them were dutch oven recipes.  We won 5 of the 18 cooking prizes on offer:

  1. Naticus Minimus won 1st place in the Youth Dessert with his Green Monster cobbler made with Montain Dew.  This was despite one of the judges being overheard saying that he prays before he eats anything green!  Way to go Mr Minimus.
  2. James J earned a 2nd place award for his Chili in the youth main course.  Very tasty James!
  3. Mr Jennings earned a 2nd place for his bean feast (see the picture) in the Adult side dishes competition.
  4. Mrs Meyer (technically entering for Crew 39) earned 2nd place for her most delicious Bread pudding in the adult desserts category.
  5. Mr Tomkins earned 3rd place for his popular Pollo Alla Cacciatore in the adult main course event.   Recipe is on the troop site if you want to make it at home!

Troop 39 has a fine pedigree of dutch oven cooking and, as a leader, what is most rewarding is seeing the youth of the troop being so enthusiastic about cooking in dutch ovens.  Some great photos of the guys cooking.

Troop 39 also won first place for making a PBJ sandwich blindfolded and 2nd place for one of the other events (ribbon ilegible!)

Mr FitzSimons did a totally amazing job building a Monkey Bridge for the entire camp to enjoy.

The troop wrapped it up by coming 2nd in the campsite cleanliness category – losing by only one point to the 1st place team.  Note the the quartermaster, we were docked that one point for not having our propane tanks in crates (for stability).  We have the crates but they are bolted to the bottom of the trailer!  Great job Troop 39 and thanks to Mr Tomkins for building the camp gateway single-handedly which earned 5 bonus points for the troop.

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Note to leaders – next time we are in Campbell, we need to camp on the sheltered side of camp – not on the peninsula!


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