January T39 Merit Badge College – Scout action required by 12/8 troop meeting

The first three meetings in the new year will be dedicated to the running of a Troop 39 Merit Badge college.   There will be three Merit Badges on offer:

  • Citizenship in The Community
  • Electronics
  • Family Life

Scouts need to do two things at the 12/8 troop meeting:

  1. They need to communicate which MB they wish to take.
  2. They need to tell us whether they would like the troop to get them a MB book for the MB of their choice – This is strongly encouraged and the cost is $5.

Thank you to Mrs Menz, Mr Cox and Mr Taylor for being our Merit Badge Counsellors for this college!   Parents, there will be another MB College in April and the troop is looking for help from MB counsellors to teach other MBs to our scouts.   Contact our Merit Badge Coordinator to volunteer.

Troop Merit Badges and Counsellors page

Glyn Tomkins, ASM, Troop 39.

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