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Touch a Truck – April 30, 2017 

Touch a truck 

Mulch Service – Scout Fundraiser 

Scout Fundraiser 


Feb 14

Today we celebrated the connection between our troop and our chartering organisation, the University United Methodist Church. Mike Byerley, our District Executive, joined us to honour the Troop by presenting the BSA Troop Charter to Reverend King, our Scoutmaster, Sammy Rape and Mr Hinderliter, liaison between the Church and the Troop.

Scouts participated in the service with our SPL reading from the Scriptures and our Chaplain’s Aide leading Troop 39 with the Scout Litany.

Scouts also pitched camp on the church lawn and the Troop held a reception between services allowing the congregation to enjoy refreshments and talk to the troop members about their work in the troop. A lunch of eastern Barbecue and trimmings was served with proceeds going to the troop members who are going on their British High Adventure trip in the summer.

We hope you enjoy these photos of the day.


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