Mountain Man Breakfast

This is an obvious camp favourite and its no wonder why – there is no better way to start the day than with a Mountain Man or one of the variations we have on offer here!


Sausage Meat – 1lb – Look for Neese’s in the chiller near the bacon
Hash Browns – from the frozen food aisle
Eggs – 1.5-2 per person

What you’ll need

  • Dutch oven
  • 24 coals
  • something to lift the hot lid
  • plate or something to put the cooked sausage in temporarily – such as one of the plates one of the Patrol will eat off.
  • something to beat the eggs in
  • fork to beat the eggs
  • wooden spoon or similar
  • a Boy Scout Patrol to help you eat it.


  1. Heat the dutch oven from below with 12 coals.
  2. Put the sausage meat into the dutch oven and cook it until it is all crumbled.
  3. Take the sausage out and put to the side on the plate.
  4. Put the hash browns in the dutch oven and heat until hot/steaming.
  5. Whilst the potatoes are warming, whisk the eggs.
  6. Return the sausage to the Dutch Oven by layering them over the hash browns.
  7. Then pour the eggs over the sausage and hash browns trying to spread the egg out – it will find its own level so its good to have the dutch oven flat.
  8. sprinkle the cheese over the top.
  9. put the lid on the dutch oven with 12 coals on the top.
  10. cook for about 20 minutes until the eggs are cooked and the cheese all gooey.


Shred a fresh potato instead of using frozen hash browns.  Shred the potato using a cheese grater. If you can rinse the starch off the potato by putting it in a colander or sieve and running it under water.  You will have to cook it longer than reheating the hash browns as the potato has to cook.

Add an onion to the hash browns/potatoes.

Put some oregano or some italian seasoning in your eggs and use italian cheese to make an Italian AlpMan Breakfast.

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