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Touch a Truck – April 15,2018 

Touch a truck 

Mulch Service – Scout Fundraiser 

Scout Fundraiser 


Mar 24
Jan 24


I will not be at troop meeting next week and we need to start to firm up plans for the DC trip.  Please read this note carefully and respond expeditiously – i want to get attendees for this trip firmed up by the end of next week – February 1st

We have limited accommodation for this trip – it is possible that we could get more but be aware that if everyone decides to go, then we are likely to be oversubscribed and we will work to do what we can to take all.  Priority will be given to those who previously responded to the call for information last year that was needed for the Whitehouse tour then on a first to respond basis then we will take names on a first come first served basis.


Glyn Tomkins

Assistance Scoutmaster,  Troop 39


What are we doing in DC?

we will be biking about the National Mall and all of its attractions – the monuments, the Smithsonian, the Whitehouse, the Capitol, the National Archive etc.  Scouts will break up into patrols and patrols will (within reason) determine their own schedule and itinerary.  We did request important personal information for scouts last year.  This was to go to the Secret Service for clearance to tour a Whitehouse tour.  We will not hear back if we have been selected for that until a week prior to our outing.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If you did not respond to the Whitehouse tour info request and we get confirmed on that trip, your scout will not be able to attend the Whitehouse  tour – Secret Service rules, not Troop 39’s!


If you respond positively to this then you are committing to pay the outing cost.   These are approximate costs – final costs are yet to be determined.  Please talk to Sammy confidentially if there is an affordability issue for this trip – the troop has funds to provide financial assistance if needed.

Accommodation $100 Accommodation is just a few blocks from the Whitehouse.  We are staying in a hostel.
 Bike rental  $50  If you take your own bike (and we have space for maybe 7 bikes, you will avoid this cost)
   $150  approximately.  Do not send/write checks yet – when we have final numbers and firm bookings, we will confirm the price.


Food money

  • Scouts should have had dinner or bring a brown bag dinner for the journey up.     We will stop to vend on the way up.
  • breakfast is included.
  • Scouts will make packed lunches for Saturday by patrol – food will be purchased beforehand so expect about $5 to be paid to PL/grubmaster.
  • Dinner will be at a restaurant – suggested budget $15
  • We will stop for lunch en route on Sunday – suggested budget $10
  • Other spending money for gifts.

aking your own bike

we have very limited number of spaces to take your bike with us – based on bike carriers – maybe 7 maximum.  If you take a bike then it must be roadworthy and servicable and you must have a lock and key, a helmet and a spare inner tube, tools to remove the wheel and tyre and the skills to repair a flat   – it is not courteous to others on the trip to be slowed down because a scout takes a bike that is not roadworthy and doesn’t know what to do to repair it.

All scouts will need a small backpack (school pack is fine) to carry their gear in on their bikes that they will need for the day – leaders will not be carrying scouts cameras, coats, lunches, etc etc etc … !!!

Please respond by February 1. 

 If I have not heard from you by this date, then we will be assuming that your scout is not attending.  I would like a response for every scout – it makes life easier

Please fill in and send this form to register your desire to go on this outing by February 1.   Remember places are limited but we will do what we can to accommodate everyone – so earlier responses are to your advantage.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Scouts Name (required)

Preferred Merit Badge choice (required)

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Total # of seat belts in your vehicle (including driver)


Your Message

By clicking send, you are committing to pay $18 (or $23 for the twofer Merit Badges) to Troop 39.


Nov 19

Folks, some photos and a video of this weekend’s fun at Organ Cave, WV. When you watch the video you must turn the volume up and listen to the scout carrying the camera!



Nov 15

Tonight, a handful of the superheroes of Troop 39 who raised $8000 for the UNC Children’s Hospital presented a check to Dr Wesley Burks.



The scouts were also treated to a guided tour of the hospital to show how their hard earned dollars that they raised are put to good use.

Oct 30

Dear Scouting Volunteers,

Please forward this message to the parents of Scouts in your Pack, Troop and Crew.

Click Here for the Youth Protection Update.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


The Occoneechee Council

Boy Scouts of America

Oct 07

What a fantastic weekend – it takes a lot more than heavy rain and the odd slip when crossing the river to dampen the spirits of Troop 39!


Thanks to Naticus Minimus for some of these photos!



Sep 14

I hope you enjoy these photos of our recent planning weekend and outing!



Sep 10

This is well worth 20 minutes of your time and your scout’s time.


Also … this is a great read!  The letter/message board post he references in the video that he wrote to a Scout who was wandering off the trail to Eagle.


Glyn Tomkins

ASM Troop 39

Aug 01
Jul 20

This came across my desk a few weeks ago and I had intended to share with parents and scouts of Troop 39.   This research shows the true societal value of being an Eagle Scout.



Glyn Tomkins
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 39


One hundred years after Arthur Eldred of New York earned this nation’s first Eagle Scout Award, new, independent research demonstrates the significant, positive impact Eagle Scouts have on society every day. Since it was first awarded in 1912, more than 2 million young men have achieved the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank. The study conducted by Baylor University, Merit Beyond the Badges, found that Eagle Scouts are more likely than men who have never been in Scouting to:

  • Have higher levels of planning and preparation skills, be goal-oriented, and network with others
  • Be in a leadership position at their place of employment or local community
  • Report having closer relationships with family and friends
  • Volunteer for religious and nonreligious organizations
  • Donate money to charitable groups
  • Work with others to improve their neighborhoods

Read the full report

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