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Touch a Truck – April 30, 2017 

Touch a truck

Serving North Carolina Children's Hospital and Troop 39 since 2008.



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OK – so far its 1 photo – more to come!


Jun 20

Folks, as we approach Summer Camp, here is a reminder of the details.

Also, don’t forget that we are waiting on some medical forms.  Chris FitzSimons is eagerly awaiting those forms.   If we have no completed medical form then your scout will not be getting on the bus!

Where Camp Durant, 4637 Old Carthage Road Carthage, NC 28327
Cost $265.00
When Sunday, July 6th – Saturday, July 12th
Depart Arrive at 11:30 am to leave at 12:00 pm from Phillips Middle School.
Uniform As with all troop outings, troop 39 travels to and from camp in full class “B” (scout pants/class B troop 39 shirt/Scout socks/Scout belt). Scouts must plan have a clean class “B” uniform for the ride home.
Return 1 pm on Saturday July 12th at Phillips Middle School.
Emergency Phone 910-948-2382
Survival parcels Scout’s Name, Troop 39, Camp Durant, 4637 Old Carthage Rd. Carthage, NC 28327

What to Bring

Class “A” Uniform on HangerSpending Money ($30.00 including lunch money on way to camp)

Sleeping Bag or Sheets






Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Bug Spray or Lotion

Patrol Flag

Completed Medical Form*

Scout Handbook


* – your scout will not be allowed to travel to camp without this.

Clothes for 6 Hot DaysUnderwear for 6 Hot Days

Socks for 6 Hot Days

3 Pairs of Scout Socks

Boots for Rain

Comfortable Shoes for Walking

Rain Gear

Light Jacket for Cool Weather

Towels for Showers and Swimming

Swim Trunks

Pen/Pencil and Paper

Flashlight with Extra Batteries

Personal Medications

OA Sash if Applicable

Merit Badge Pamphlets

Dirty Clothes Bag

Note: It is recommended to pack for camp in duffel bags, footlockers or sports bags as opposed to back packs. Because we are there for a week, it is easier to get to your clothes and things if you don’t have to dig them out of the bottom of a back pack.

 What not to bring

Personal Rifles or other Firearms, Ammunition or Bows.Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco

Sheath Knives


Fireworks, Candles and Flammables

Fireworks, Candles and FlammablesBicycles

Expensive Cameras and other Valuables

T-shirts, hats or other clothing with alcohol/tobacco logos/ads or with drugs or sexual connotations printed on them


Please contact Sammy if you have any questions.

May 29

May 11

Troop 39 leaders had a lot of fun building the Monkey Bridge at the Spring Camporee and the boys from across the two districts voted it the best activity at Camporee!

As the day goes on, the ropes stretch and several times Chris tightened the ropes however late in the day, just before the bridge was disassembled, several scouts tried to brave it, some succeeded, others didn’t!

Also, enjoy the photos of Mr Benton in two of the classic barcecuing positions!  What a superb and memorable dinner!

Apr 28

Thanks to all of those who made Touch a Truck such a resounding success.  Enjoy these memories.

Apr 27
Apr 14

​​Parents – your attention to this is important – It’s time to make commitments to Summer Camp!

Summer camp 2014 is at Camp Durant. We depart on July 6 and return on July 12th.

Sammy is handling the money side of Summer Camp. Mr Tomkins is handling the programme.


The base cost for this camp is $265. Please contact Sammy if you need assistance covering the costs of this camp. Fees may be paid by check payable to Troop 39 or from the scout’s account balance.

There may be additional costs based on your scout’s electives which are paid at camp.  See the Leader’s Guide or the Session Schedule for details of those electives requiring additional costs.  (Note the Leaders’ guide file name indicates 2013 but the content is 2014).

Here is what you need to do – no later than April 23rd

Please share this page with your scout and work with them on their electives.  If you need advice, please email or call Mr Tomkins.

Please complete the online form below on or before April 23rd.  If you can not use the online form, simply write down the requeted information legibly on paper and bring it to Mr Tomkins.

We would like a response from every scout even if they are not planning to attend summer camp.  It’s important that we know whether your scout is planning to attend and what their electives are by April 23rd – a delay may mean that your scout does not get to take their preferred electives.


Please see the following documents:

1. The Leader’s Guide which outlines all of the programmes offered at Durant.

2. The daily (Monday-Thursday) Session Schedule.

Scouts who are rank Tenderfoot or below must elect to take either the morning or the afternoon trailblazer programme – not both. They can choose other scheduled activities such as Merit Badges for the other part of the day.

Scouts who are Second Class are recommended not to take the trailblazer programme but may do so after they have first discussed this with Sammy or Mr Tomkins.

Scouts First class and higher should elect to take merit badges.

Scouts may leave only one hour free in the day.  Scouts with a sash full of merit badges (and who are experienced negotiators) may leave more than one hour free however this needs to be first agreed by Mr Tomkins.

Yours in Scouting
Glyn Tomkins
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 39


Your Name (required)

Scout's Name (required)

Parent's Email address(required)

Is your scout attending Summer Camp 2014?

Yes indicates that you are committing your son to Summer Camp and agree to pay the camp fee ($265).

If attending, please complete the remainder of the form.

Scout's rank
ScoutTenderfoot2nd Class1st ClassStarLifeEagle

Scout's Age(required)

Please complete the following:







* - For these classes marked with an asterisk, there are prerequisites, materials required, additional fees and/or age limits. Please consult the Course Sessions flier and the Leader's Guide for the fine print details.

Alternative Merit Badges. Please list a few alternative Merit Badges should your above selections not be available


by responding that your scout is attending, you are committing to the camp fees.

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