Triangle Rock Club, Morrisville, NC

We met at Phillips Middle School around 9:15 pm on Friday.  Several parents had arranged to meet and carpool the scouts to Morrisville. We got to the rock climbing center around 10:00 pm. When we arrived, we checked in with the front desk and got our harnesses.  After we had received our harnesses and had our safety talk, some of the scouts went to change into comfortable clothes while others went straight to climbing.

There were two rooms that we could climb in.  The first room had one level.  It had a boulder where you could climb all around without needing a rope or something/someone.  It also had a rock wall where you could belay and climb with an automatic rope up and down certain paths of rocks.  The second room had two levels, each with rock walls like the first room, as well as a weight room.

After about an hour of climbing, the staff decided we should have a dodge ball game.  We played for about an hour and everyone had a great time.  After dodge ball, the second room was closed so everyone moved to the first room and climbed for another hour.

As it was getting late, the staff decided we could play a game of capture the flag and then we would go to sleep.  We played until about 2 am and then decided to call it a night because it was getting too late and we figured it would be best to get some rest.  Everyone found a place to lie down and we all were asleep by around 2:30 am.

We woke up around 7 am on Saturday to pack up and get in the nice pre-heated cars (thanks to the parents!) and headed towards the local Bojangles’ for breakfast.  Everyone was able to get a biscuit combo.  Although we were pretty tired, we were all happy to be warm and eating.  We arrived back at Phillips around 8 and I am imagine a lot of scouts then went back to bed!

Historian: Max Butler