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Touch a Truck – April 12, 2015 

Touch a truck

Troop 39’s Mulching Service 

Troop 39’s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


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July 4
Summer Camp 2015
July 19
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 20
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 21
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 22
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 23
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 24
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 25
Summer Camp #2 2015
July 26
Adult Leader's Brownsea - "Bill's Place"
July 31
NYLT Weekend 1

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 


November 2009: Hanging Rock State Park

For the capture the flag trip the troop headed west to hanging rock state park. The boys rode up late Friday, and went to sleep soon after getting set up. Saturday morning the scouts ate breakfast then the games began. They played two different variations of capture the flag before it was time for lunch. After lunch the scouts took a vote and decided to play rugby. This was seen by many scouts as the best part of the trip, one scout said “I had never played rugby before it was great fun.”  As it grew later it was time to throw in some scout skills, the boys had the choice of either hiking to hanging rock or an orienteering course. After that the scouts were all tired and those who didn’t go straight to bed sat around the fire and told stories. Overall the trip was a great success and will continue to happen for years to come.
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