Dump Hike – Mooresville, NC

We left from Southern Village Friday night and had about a two hour drive up to Moorseville, North Carolina. When we arrived, we set up tents and other troop gear and everyone was in bed by 10:00 pm.

We were awakened by our PLs, SPLs and ASPLs around 6:45 am Saturday morning and we got out of our tents ready to make breakfast and take on our hike for the day. Once finished with breakfast and cleaning we packed our bag lunches for us to eat on the hike. Each patrol was assigned a hike, a SPL/ASPL and a scoutmaster. Once groups were official and our safety talk was finished we loaded up the bus and began dropping off patrols. Scouts are not allowed to look where we are going so we looked at the floor until we were dropped off at our starting point.

Each patrol’s hike was around 11-13 miles. My group, the eagles, had John Duncan, Mr. Meyer and a 13 mile hike for our journey. Along our hike we had a mini scavenger hunt as well so we took pictures to check things off on our list like “take a picture with a friendly stranger” and “take a picture of a cool mailbox.” After checking off about half of our items and having gone about six miles, we decided to stop for lunch in a patch of grass. After lunch, it was about three more miles to get into town where we would have a vending stop and a bathroom break for those who needed it. Most everyone got either Gatorade or PowerAde and some type of fruity candy. On our way down the highway we saw a water tower that was leaking so a couple of us ran through the water that was pouring out to cool off.

With only a few miles left to go, our group was ready to get back to the campsite and shower and rest and eat. Unfortunately, our group took a longer way by accident and had an extra mile but the hike was still really fun. When we arrived back at camp, everyone took a shower (some wanted to but Sammy had to make others because “teenage boy smells quite bad.”) After showering, some took naps while others played Frisbee, football or just sat down and relaxed. For dinner, the leaders made chili, green beans and butter rolls. It was delicious. Jacob Duncan and I decided to get seconds and were told we had to clean the Dutch ovens and kitchen supplies since we did. I will never look at a Dutch oven the same again. While Jacob and I cleaned, the others packed up their patrol gear so we would have less stuff to do in the morning. Once everyone was done with their tasks we went to bed again around 10:00 pm.

Wake up was at 7 am on Sunday.  We broke down our tents, did a police line, took a group picture and we were on our way to Golden Corral. After about an hour and a wonderful all-you-can eat buffet, we had another hour until we arrived back at Southern Village and unpacked the trailer to head home.

Overall, it was a fun and successful trip.

Historian: Max Butler