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Troop 39’s Mulching Service 

Troop 39’s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


Troop 39 Schedule 

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October 1
Troop Committee meeting
Troop night - High Adventure Presentations (Moose)
October 4
BHOO Eagle project
October 5
Troop 39 Youth Leadership Training
October 6
Saponi chapter meeting
October 8
Troop night - Advancement (Bears) BOR
October 10
Council camporee
October 11
Council camporee
October 12
Council camporee
October 13
Leaders' meeting

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 


Troop Origins

Troop 39 is one of the oldest – if not THE oldest, continually chartered Boy Scout Troop in the entire BSA movement. Whilst many troops may also be able to trace themselves back to a time just after the formation of the BSA, many of their charters were not maintained during World War II.

Below are two vitally important records documenting Troop 39’s history. The first is written by C. Walten Johnson in 1961 to the Occoneechee Council Scout Executive, John Shutt, giving his recollections on the origin of the troop. It was then known as Troop 1. I presume that this means that there was some sort of primative North Carolina scout headquarters in existence that was
authorized to hand out troop numbers. But it is possible that there was no NC central office and that Johnson had to correspond with national headquarters.

Troop 1 became Troop 5 when it was placed in the Cherokee Council in the ’20s and became Troop 39 when it joined the Occoneechee Council in 1937.

Shutt sent the Johnson letter to BSA headquarters for verification. The second letter is from Basil Starkey of BSA headquarters to John Shutt saying that they will stipulate the Troop’s origin back to March, 1912.

Both are facsimiles of originals on file in Raleigh at Occoneechee Council headquarters.

In 2011, the Scouts and leaders of Troop 39, both past and present, will begin to mark the Troop’s centennial. Watch the troop home page for exciting news about Centenary activities being planned in 2011 and 2012.

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