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Troop 39′s Mulching Service 

Troop 39′s Mulching Service

Troop 39's mulch spreading service


Troop 39 Schedule 

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April 23
British High Adventure - 6:30 @ UUMC
Troop Night - Camporee Preparation (Bears)
April 25
Order of the Arrow SR-7b Conclave
April 26
Order of the Arrow SR-7b Conclave
Tar Heel 10 Miler road race

Dear Scouts, Parents and Leaders,

Our troop has been asked to help out as race water-stop helpers for the Tar Heel 10 Miler road race on Saturday morning, April 26. We will hand out water to runners at a stop in front of St. Thomas More Church. They have asked us to be there at 6:30 am (yes, that’s correct) and say until 10 am.

All the proceeds go to two great local causes that make a positive impact on thousands of people- the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA.

NOTE: These hours count toward CHCCS service learning hours as well as troop hours for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

EVEN BETTER NOTE: The first five people who volunteer and show up by 6:30 receive a free race t shirt. Quick Color Solutions will also provide BOJANGLES biscuits for our volunteers before the race (reserve your favorite with me when you RSVP) as well as a post-race meal at Suttons Drugstore when we’re done. You can then go home and nap that afternoon with a full belly. J

Volunteers can park at STM Church. If needed, I can give anyone a ride home who might need it. I will also

This is not a mandatory attendance event, but I guarantee you our troop will be helping out a great cause, we’ll have some fun together cheering on our favorite participating runners, and did I say “eating some irresistibly good food too?” BO TIME starts at 6:30 am. Yours will be waiting…

Email me back if you or your scout can help out. I know it’s early in the morning, but it’s a great cause.

Sincerely yours,


Glenn Benton

Quick Color Solutions

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April 27
Touch a truck
Order of the Arrow SR-7b Conclave
April 30
Philmont Crew #1 meeting
Troop night - Obstacle Course (Eagles)
May 2
Camporee - Camp Durant
2014 Mawat District Mountain man Rendezvous.
Link to details: www.durhamscouts.org/in.....id=65

Dutch Oven Cooking 

Dutch Oven Cooking 


Scoutmasters of Troop 39

YEAR Sponsor ScoutMaster #Boys Comments
1912 UNC YMCA C. Walten Johnson unknown Organized as T1 in fall of ’11
1913 UNC YMCA Unknown unknown
1914 UNC YMCA Unknown unknown
1915 UNC YMCA Unknown unknown
1916 UNC YMCA Unknown unknown
1917 UNC YMCA Unknown unknown
1918 UNC YMCA Frances Bradshaw 15
1919 Bible Class, Met. Church Euclid McWhorter (Minister) 15
1920 Methodist Church (UUMC) Euclid McWhorter (Minister) 21
1921 UNC YMCA Henry D. Farrell 19
1922 UNC YMCA Henry D. Farrell 22
1923 UNC YMCA Henry D. Farrell 19
1924 Citizens Group Henry D. Farrell 22 TROOP 1 JOINS THE CHEROKEE COUNCIL
1925 UNC YMCA Vernon Keyser 30
1927 UNC YMCA Vernon Keyser 20
1928 UUMC Vernon Keyser 23 YMCA over “Methodist Church”
1929 UNC YMCA Vernon Keyser 23
1930 UNC YMCA Vernon Keyser 26
1931 UNC YMCA H. N. Brown III 29
1932 District Committee R. P. Umstead 32
1933 District Committee R. P. Umstead 32 Joseph Hyde Pratt, Chair of Troop Committee
1934 District Committee P. H. Quinlen 32
1935 Citizens Group Wheeler(??unreadable) 26
1936 District Coucil O. K. Cornwell 32 JOINS THE OCCONEECHEE COUNCIL AND BECOMES TROOP 39. 5 & “Cherokee” crossed out on Charter
1937 Unknown Unknown unknown
1938 Kiwanis Club F. E. Strowd 29
1939 Kiwanis Club Walter C. McCanless 26
1940 Kiwanis Club J. A. Westbrook 24
1941 Kiwanis Club J. A. Westbrook 23 T39 now meets at UUMC
1942 Kiwanis Club J. E. Wadsworth 25 Meets at UUMC old Church
1943 Group of Citizens Max C. Weaver 54 Meets at Chapel Hill Community Center
1944 Group of Citizens Edgar K. Alexander 41 Meets at UUMC in the old church
1945 Group of Citizens Edgar K. Alexander 39 Recreation Center
1946 Group of Citizens J. E. Wadsworth 44 Meets at UUMC, in the old church
1947 UUMC W. L. Hamnett 24 Meets at UUMC, in the old church
1948 UUMC W. L. Hamnett 33 Meets at UUMC, in the old church
1949 UUMC James Wadsworth 45 Meets in basement of main church from now on
1950 UUMC Steve Storm 48
1951 UUMC Steve Storm 60
1952 UUMC Edward Buckner 47
1953 UUMC Arthur Bennett 46
1954 UUMC Erle Peacock, Jr 36
1955 UUMC William Stewart 37
1956 UUMC Ed Johnson 37
1957 UUMC John W. Fox 37
1958 UUMC Berry Vause 30
1959 UUMC Lamar Hicks 52
1960 UUMC Lamar Hicks 56
1961 UUMC Lamar Hicks unknown
1962 UUMC Robert V. Cox 56
1963 UUMC Jim Howard 39
1964 UUMC Jim Mackorell 36
1965 UUMC Jim Mackorell 37
1966 UUMC Jim Mackorell 41
1967 UUMC Jim Mackorell 51
1968 UUMC Jim Mackorell 63
1969 UUMC Jim Mackorell 78
1970 UUMC Jim Mackorell 76
1971 UUMC Jim Mackorell 87
1972 UUMC Jim Mackorell 66
1973 UUMC Jim Mackorell 58
1974 UUMC Jim Mackorell 49
1975 UUMC Jim Mackorell 57
1976 UUMC Jim Mackorell 63
1977 UUMC Jim Mackorell 58
1978 UUMC Jim Mackorell 59
1979 UUMC Jim Mackorell 60
1980 UUMC Jim Mackorell 60
1981 UUMC Jim Mackorell 70
1982 UUMC Jim Mackorell 58
1983 UUMC Jim Mackorell 48
1984 UUMC Jim Mackorell 40 A computer printout list 54 boys
1985 UUMC Jim Mackorell 35
1986 UUMC Jim Mackorell 36
1987 UUMC Jim Mackorell 39
1988 UUMC Jim Mackorell 44
1989 UUMC Jim Mackorell 44
1990 UUMC Jim Mackorell 58
1991 UUMC Jim Mackorell 55
1992 UUMC Jim Mackorell 61
1993 UUMC Jim Mackorell 50
1994 UUMC Jim Mackorell 57
1995 UUMC Jim Mackorell 56
1996 UUMC Jim Mackorell 59
1997 UUMC Jim Mackorell 67
1998 UUMC Jim Mackorell 66
1999 UUMC Jim Mackorell 54
2000 UUMC Jim Mackorell 54
2001 UUMC Jim Mackorell 50
2002 UUMC Jim Mackorell 53
2003 UUMC Jim Mackorell 56
2004 UUMC Jim Mackorell 54
2005 UUMC Jim Mackorell 48
2006 UUMC Jim Mackorell 45
2007 UUMC Jim Mackorell 41
2008 UUMC Sammy Rape 41
2009 UUMC Sammy Rape unknown
2010 UUMC Sammy Rape unknown
2011 UUMC Sammy Rape unknown
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